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    Why Is It So Expensive To Ship Fireworks?

    In today‚Äôs world we are all used to getting the things we order online fast and often free of shipping charges.  Most of the time, those orders magically appear at our doorstep without us even knowing.  

    Unfortunately, fireworks are in a whole other class when it comes to shipping. Because they are classified by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) as Hazardous Materials there are requirements that we and the shipping companies we use, have to follow.  Including special packaging, labeling and delivery methods.  Fireworks can only ship via freight and cannot be expedited.  

    Shipping anything freight is not cheap.  You may have experienced this if you have every ordered something really large or really heavy like furniture, appliances or a lawn tractor.   We simply cannot absorb that cost.  Rather than forcing our customers to purchase a minimum size order we allow small orders, but pass though the freight fees.  We charge a minimum of $175 on small order because the freight company charges us a minimum fee no matter how small the order is.