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    Suggestions For Safe Use Of Wedding Sparklers

    The following are only suggestions for use. We do not make any guarantee, expressed or implied, that these items will not cause harm to individuals handling them. The user assumes all risk involved with the use of sparklers. Always follow specific package warnings and instructions. Never ignite more than one sparkler at a time!




    All sparklers burn at very high temperatures. They should always be used with care. If children will be present, decide how the sparklers will be handed out and used, so there will not be any unsupervised use of sparklers.


    Consider the flammability of the garments being worn at your celebration. Synthetic fibers like polyester, satin, nylon, etc. will melt if sparks land on them. Make sure if you are using sparklers as a pass through, for example as the bride and groom exit the chapel, that your lines are wide enough for the happy couple to safely pass the sparks. 


    We suggest you always test your sparklers before the event so that you will be familiar with ignition technique and setup. This will avoid unwanted surprises on your big day.


    When lighting sparklers, you need to hold a flame in contact with the sparkler for about 15 seconds. Although sparklers can be lit with wooden matches, it is better to use a long barbeque type lighter, and best to use a butane or propane torch. Light the first sparklers and have each person light the sparkler of the next, and so on down the line. We consider starting the first few sparklers with a torch the quickest way, but again, only light one at a time. The diagram below shows a suggested method to quickly ignite all of the sparklers.



    Once the sparklers are done, the wire is still very hot. We suggest that you have easily accessible buckets of water so that guests can deposit their wire into the bucket. Five-gallon buckets work great for this.


    We hope you have found these suggestions helpful. We welcome your comments and suggestions about our products.