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    Planning Your Wedding Fireworks Display

    There are several things to keep in mind when planning your wedding fireworks.  Wedding fireworks are different from a Fourth of July display. A typical July 4thdisplay will last between 15 and 30 minutes. With wedding fireworks, you want a display that is under 10 minutes that give enough time to wow the guest but doesn’t take away from the main attraction. Since your audience is all in one place, wedding fireworks don’t need to go as high.  This makes consumer fireworks a perfect choice for a wedding display. Consumer fireworks are also a more economical choice for your wedding budget. A professional wedding display will start around $3000 and go up from there.  You can buy a lot of consumer fireworks for $3000!

    When planning your location, you will first want to get permission from the property or venue owner. Then check any state and local regulations about launching fireworks.  Keep in mind your audience is centrally located and much closer to the action then they are at big community display.  Even though a private display will be more intimate, make sure you have enough space to safely launch the fireworks. Remember no one wants burn holes in their fancy clothes!

    In addition to considering where the spectators are, keep in mind that hot sparks can cause damage to auto paint and glass, as well as tents and building roofs. Its good practice to make sure you have a minimum safety circle of 100ft per inch in diameter of your fireworks, and more is better. For example a in a professional display the common minimum size firework is 3” in diameter for that size we would plan 300ft in all directions to be free of spectators, cars, buildings, tents, etc.  Also check for overhead obstructions like power lines.  Stay at least 25 feet away from anything overhead. 

    Fireworks traditionally conclude an event so most often the wedding fireworks are the last thing that happens before the bride and groom depart.  If you have more planned after the fireworks make sure your guests know whether or not the party is over. It can be disappoint if everyone grabs their coats and heads out before the bride and groom are ready.  

    We offer an extensive line of consumer fireworks appropriate for any wedding day, including a large selection of 500 gram cakes and multi-shot repeaters, as well as sparklers and fountains.  Check out our preselected packages or browse and select your own items.

    To learn more about planning and performing a do-it-yourself display, read our DIY Shows Blog.

    Perhaps you don’t have room to do a display but you still want some sparkler and fun. We sell two different sized wedding sparkler bundles. Our #8 gold sparklers are perfect for a take home wedding favor, or create a sparkling passageway for the happy couple to pass through with our #14 gold sparklers. For lighting tips, read our Wedding Sparklers blog post. Remember all sparklers are for outdoor use only!