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    500 Gram Cakes

    500 gram fireworks repeaters, are also know as 500 gram cakes or multi-shot repeaters. They are sometimes described as a “Show in a Box” because you can light one fuse and launch several fireworks. We feature great 500 gram cakes by Dominator, Mad Ox, Shogun, Winda, Pyro High, Shock Wave and Pyro Demon Fireworks!

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    120 Second Showcase
    120 Second Showcase $64.99
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    NEW FOR 2024!
    Murder Hornets
    Murder Hornets $64.99
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    Nishiki Mine
    Nishiki Mine $64.99
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    500 gram repeaters contain multiple fireworks tubes that are all fused together in one box. The fireworks may shoot one at a time or in multiples. They may launch straight up, or angled in waves or patterns. Some contain delay or time fuse that cause them to fire more slowly and some are quicker. Many of the 500 gram repeaters have a mini finale that can really fill the sky, where the last 2 to 5 shells are launched all at once.

    Although these fireworks can be of varying diameters, all 500 gram repeaters are only allowed to have up to 500 grams of pyrotechnic composition in any one item. By combining different sizes and effects to achieve the total composition, some 500 Gram Repeaters will have as few as 7 shots or greater than 100 shots. All of the fireworks in this category are classified as aerial fireworks even though some effects like mines and comets do not burst like a shell.

    When purchasing 500 gram fireworks, consider the size of the space you have to launch them. Know whether they will fire straight up or need extra space for angles. If a cake is described as Zipper, Fanned, V or Z shaped it is likely angled. If a cake has fewer then 15 shots the shots will likely be quite large. Be sure you have enough room away from overhead obstructions like trees or power lines. Some of the fireworks in this category will shoot upwards of 200 feet in the sky. If your launch space is small you may want to consider ordering 200 gram repeaters instead.