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    Freight Claims & Extra Charges

    Shipping Definitions:


    Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) Freight – Special classification required for shipping commodities designated by the Secretary of Transportation as being capable of posing unnecessary risk to health, safety and property when transported. Fireworks must ship as hazmat freight.  


    LTL (Less Than Truckload) - Our typical retail shipments are not large enough to fill an entire semi-trailer. This means your order will be traveling along with other types of merchandise on a common carrier (semi-truck). 


    Residential Delivery - This service will add an additional day to the estimated delivery date.  All residential deliveries require you to set a delivery appointment with the freight company. Read How to Schedule Your Delivery Appointment to ensure a timely delivery.   A fireworks shipment cannot be left on a porch or in a building common area.  All fireworks shipments will require an adult signature. A fireworks shipment cannot be expedited in any way. 


    FOB (Freight On Board) Origin: A freight designation that means once your freight is tendered to the shipping company it becomes yours.  We are not responsible for any loss, damage, accessorial charges or delays that occur during shipment. Further, we do not guarantee any compensation for these potential losses.


    Notification of Shipment:


    When your order is ready for pickup on our freight dock, it is considered shipped and cannot be cancelled.  We send shipment confirmation emails with a Tracking or Progressive Rotation Order (PRO) Number and a link to the freight company’s website so you can track your order. We do not track your shipment’s progress, so all tracking questions need to be directed to the freight company delivering your order.


    Accessorial (Extra) Freight Charges:


    The charges listed below are not included in your order. Captain Boom Fireworks is not responsible for any extra charges or add on freight services at the time of delivery. Make sure you understand the definitions below to avoid getting charged by the freight company. 


    Liftgate Service: A liftgate platform installed at the rear of a truck that may be raised or lowered to aid in the loading and unloading of heavy cargo.  An order that is very large may require liftgate service, if you don’t have a truck dock or forklift to unload it. Most retail orders are less than one pallet, and won’t need this service. Note: Liftgate service does not mean the driver will unload your order.  It means the truck will be equipped with a liftgate and once the driver places your order on the liftgate or the ground your order is considered delivered.


    Hand Unload:  When the driver is requested or required to unload your order from the truck.


    Limited Access:  An additional fee charged at the carrier’s discretion and based on extra time needed to complete the delivery. The delivery location and setup are the deciding factor.  Addresses with low overhead obstructions, narrow or dead ends as well as schools, churches, storage and government facilities may incur this charge.


    Detention: Freight companies will charge extra if the driver and truck are detained during a delivery.  If you are not ready and able to accept and unload your delivery when the truck arrives, these charges can incur.  The free time allocated for your delivery varies by trucking company.


    Redelivery Charge:  If you miss your delivery appointment, your shipment will return to the freight terminal and you may be charged a redelivery fee.

    Reconsignment Fee:  If you change the delivery address once your order has shipped, the freight company may charge you a reconsignment fee. This fee may be equal to or greater than the original freight charge. Captain Boom Fireworks is not responsible for any reconsignment fees as a result of an address change that you request. 


    Abandoned or Refused Freight: If you do not respond to the freight company regarding your delivery, or if you refuse to take delivery of your shipment within 3 days, it may get returned to us.  If this happens, you will be charged double our minimum freight zone shipping to include round trip charges on your returned shipment.  This charge will apply to all abandoned or refused deliveries regardless if they were originally eligible for free shipping.


    Storage Charges:  These charges will incur if it takes more than the freight company’s minimum allowable days to complete your delivery once your shipment is at the local terminal.  We advise avoiding these charges by 1) Answering the freight company’s scheduling call promptly, and 2) Being ready and available at the delivery appointment.


    Damage Claims:


    Bill of Lading (BOL). Every fireworks shipment is accompanied by a BOL. This is the document you must sign when you accept your delivery. 


    When your shipment arrives, you must thoroughly inspect it for damages.  Any damages or shortages must be noted on the Bill of Lading and you must sign it. Failure to do this will render your shipment ineligible for a freight damage claim.


    All damage claims must be made within 48 hours of receipt of your shipment. Delay in notifying us of damage or shortage may result in a loss to you. Captain Boom Fireworks is not liable for any damages that occur in shipping, but we will work with you to file an eligible damage claim with the freight company on your behalf. We do not guarantee any compensation for damages and we do not reship damaged items until we have determination of loss coverage from the freight company.  


    Damage claims are a long process and will take more than 4 weeks to settle.


    How to File a Shortage/Damage Freight Claim:


    1)    Upon delivery of your shipment, count the number of cartons you are supposed to receive, to ensure the count matches the BOL.  Inspect external packaging carefully, and document any visible damage or shortage on the BOL in the presence of the driver.

    2)    Sign the BOL and retain your copy or take a photo of it.  Do not let the driver sign for you.

    3)    If damage is present take clear pictures of visible damage to the external cartons.  

    4)    Notify us via email of missing or damaged items within 48 hours of receiving your shipment.

    5)    Include your order number, attach clear images of the damage, and a readable photo of the signed BOL with your notification email.

    6)    We will reply to your damage claim email verifying receipt.  If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours. Follow up with a phone call to us to insure we have received your email and proof of damage. 


    Product Shortages:


    If you are missing an item, you must notify us by email within 48 hours of receipt of your shipment.  When we receive your email, we will review video records of packing your order.  If we can verify the shortage, we will issue a credit for any items we missed within 10 business days.


    If no claims are made within 48 hours you will not be issued any form of credit.


    We do not reship missing items.


    Note: Do not check your order for accuracy during the delivery process.  Delaying the driver may result in detention charges that will be billed to you directly by the freight company.  Captain Boom Fireworks is not responsible for extra charges that incur during delivery.