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    Pretty In Pink Firework

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      Pretty In Pink Firework SSM248


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      Pretty in Pink is a great addition to your baby girl gender reveal fireworks show! This firework has one fuse to light for 16 shots. A sweet 200 gram gender reveal cake that displays combination of pink and gold strobing mines, rising to pretty pink and gold strobing aerial bursts.  The mine effect sprays skyward as the aerial burst launches for a big look from a small item. Each aerial burst reaches a height of approximately 60 to 80 feet.

      Choosing Your Launch Site:

      Always read the manufacturer precautions before using. Fireworks are for outdoor use only! When choosing your launch site, be sure to keep a safe distance away from your audience. As a rule of thumb more distance is better. Make sure there are no overhead obstructions like power lines or tree limbs that could prevent the aerial fireworks from reaching their intended height.

      Stabilize Your Fireworks:

      Make sure your firework is on a hard, stable surface such as a concrete driveway or a piece of plywood. You can place bricks on either side to help keep it from tipping over. Place a brick on the side facing the audience and on the opposit side facing away from the audience. This will help prevent the fireowrks from shooting toward the audience in the event that it tips over.

      Prepare For Lighting:

      You will want to have a garden hose or a bucket of water nearby.  You should wear safety glasses and cotton or leather gloves. 100% Cotton clothing is recommended. Long pants, long sleeved shirt, a ball cap and closed-toe shoes are the best choices.

      How to Light Your Fireworks:

      You will need to remove the foil fuse cover on the side of the firework to expose the green fuse before lighting. Use a barbeque lighter or preferably an instant-on propane torch as your ignition source.  You can also use a punk stick to light your fireworks.  You will need to touch the flame to the tip of the green fuse.  Move away to a safe distance.  Never put any part of your body over the firework.  Never try to relight a firework that doesn’t ignite or doesn’t complete its display.

      Disposing of Used Fireworks:
      After the show, douse the used firework(s) with water and let it sit out overnight.  Wait until the next day to ensure it is not smoldering before placing it in the trash.

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