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    IGNITE Firing System - 36 Cue Module

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      IGNITE Firing System - 36 Cue Module i36


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      A bigger IGNITE module with double the cues for a real pro! The IGNITE Firing System is smartphone enabled firing system that works on Android and iPhone. Each IGNITE i36 has 36 cues and supports both free-shoot manual and fully automated shows. This sleek system allows you to design your own pyromusicals as well.  You can link up to 6 modules to one cellphone, and can mix and match modules with the i18 and i36 modules together. Read more about IGNITE on the IGNITE Firing Systems website. 

      Don't forget to Buy Clip On Igniters for your IGNITE Firing System. 

      This Item always ships separately.  Please note, you will receive a second shipment confirmation email with tracking for your IGNITE items.

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