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    Black Mamba Artillery Shell Kit

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      Black Mamba Artillery Shell Kit F6021


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      The Black Mamba reloadable artillery kit by Fox Fireworks contains 24 of the best four inch, 60 gram canister firework shells available. You'll receive four fiberglass mortar launch tubes and 24 different effect shells.  Load them one at a time in the launch tube.  When lit, they launch 80 to 100 feet in the sky and burst with big and bold color effects that strobe, crackle and glitter. 

      Effects Include:

      1. Lemon Orange Peony to Silver Strobes
      2. Silver Coconut Palm with Red Strobes
      3. Red Peony to Orange with White Strobes
      4. Brocade Crown to Red and Blue Peony
      5. Silver Strobes to Titanium Chrysanthemums
      6. Silver Coconut Palm with Green Strobes
      7. Blue Orange Peony to Titanium Chrysanthemums
      8. Red Coconut Palm to Blue Pearls and White Strobes
      9. Purple Orange Dahlia to Titanium Crackles
      10. Lemon Orange Blue Peony to White Strobes
      11. Orange Coconut Palm to Purple Peony with White Strobes
      12. Yellow Coconut Palm to Blue Peony with White Strobes
      13. Green Blue Orange Peony to White Strobes
      14. Purple Dahlia to Blue Peony with Green Strobes
      15. Lemon Purple Peony with Green Strobes
      16. Blue Purple Peony to Crackles
      17. Purple Coconut Palm to Green Pearls with Titanium Crackles
      18. Super Brocade Crown
      19. Red Wave with Green Strobes
      20. Deep Red Peony to Blue Peony
      21. Purple Green Peony wth Crackles
      22. Red Wave to Green Wave
      23. Lemon Green Dahlia to Red Plum Blossoms
      24. Green Coconut Palm to Crackles

      Artillery Shell Type: Canister Shells

      Approximate Display Height: 100 feet 

      Shells Per Kit: 24

      Mortar Launch Tubes: 4 per Kit

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