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    Fireworks Resources

    Fireworks Trade Associations

    American Pyrotechnics Association
    Trade association for the fireworks industry. Represents many large and small fireworks companies on the national level.
    Pyrotechnics Guild International
    The PGI is an excellent resource for the hobbyist pyrotechnician. The PGI has a weeklong annual convention every year in August. Their web site has many links to fireworks clubs throughout the United States.
    National Fireworks Association
    Individuals and companies dedicated to the safe use of fireworks.
    Fireworks Alliance
    The Fireworks Alliance is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to keeping fireworks legal and preserving the tradition of fireworks for all Americans.

    Fireworks Laws and Permits

    Michigan Fireworks Law
    The Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL 28.451, et seq.) that regulate fireworks can be found on the Michigan Legislature web site. Just do a MCL key word search for "fireworks", or you can view the law in PDF format here.
    For additional information view our Fireworks Law page.
    Michigan Fireworks Display Permits
    As a service to our customers, Captain Boom has copies of the Michigan Application For Fireworks Display Permit (BFS-417) and Permit For Fireworks Display (BFS-416). Captain Boom will fill out and submit these permits upon contracting with us for a display in Michigan. For additional information view our Fireworks Permits page.

    Fireworks Clubs and Organizations

    Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild
    A great group of fireworks enthusiasts and shell builders who have a number of club shoots every year.
    Bluegrass Pyrotechnics Guild
    Located in southern Ohio, Indiana, and northern Kentucky.
    Crackerjacks Fireworks Club
    A large club serving the northeast United States.
    Heartland Pyrotechnics Association
    Fireworks club in southern Michigan and northern Indiana.
    Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
    Holds at least four club shoots per year at a central Wisconsin location. An excellent fireworks club with many shell builders.
    Western Pyrotechnics Association
    A fireworks club that sponsors the Western Winter Blast every year in February.

    Fireworks Publications

    American Fireworks News
    A monthly magazine with all sorts of information for the hobbyist pyro. Many fireworks books and videos are available from AFN.
    Journal of Pyrotechnics
    A technical journal on pyrotechnics, including fireworks, pyrotechnic special effects, propellants & rocketry, and civilian pyrotechnics. Also publishes the Pyrotechnic Reference Series and Pyrotechnic Literature Series.

    Fireworks Safety Information

    National Council on Firework Safety
    A non-profit organization dedicated to the safe enjoyment of fireworks in the United States. The NCFS is a good reference site for fireworks statistics, fire service, and the media.
    OSHA Assistance for the Pyrotechnics Industry
    A compilation of hazards and solutions relevant to the pyrotechnics industry, in both the retail sales and fireworks display sectors.

    Unique Fireworks Resources

    Fireworks Land
    Bob Weaver has created the Fireworks Buyer’s Guide, which is a great resource for the consumer fireworks lover.
    Calling itself the "ultimate pyrotechnic resource" this is a site for the serious hobbyist who wants to learn how to build fireworks. Subscription only.
    Charley's Pyro Pages
    Charley does consulting, is on the NFPA Technical Committee on Pyrotechnics, and has an excellent grasp of fireworks regulations.
    Dimock's Pyro Page
    If it's related to fireworks, Tom Dimock has a link to it here.
    Pyrotechnic Innovations
    Fireworks videos, fireworks knowledge, and how to get started in the fireworks industry.
    How to Photograph Fireworks
    Handy tips from the New York Institute of Photography.