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    The A Team

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      The A Team BS8022


      The A Team is out of stock.
      This assorted case contains 4 different 500g cakes. 25 Shot Prime Rain - Awesome zig-zagging timerain mine to timerain bursts with red/green/white strobes. A spectacular panoramic timerain finale with colors! 7 Shot Breaking Bad - Brocade strobing mine to big breaks of brocade crown with color strobes; brocade titanium chrysanthemum mine to big breaks of color palm trees with ti-chrys. Amazing double-level display! 9 Shot Hardcore Rock - Big brocade palm trees with superb bright red/green/blue dahlias, finale of giant brocade palm trees with chrysanthemums. 25 Shot Rounders - Color tails to awesome breaks of brocade crown to blue/purple with strobing color pistils.

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