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    Fireworks Law

    Michigan Fireworks Law

    The Michigan Fireworks Safety Act of 2011 (MCL 28.451), changed Michigan's fireworks law to allow the purchase and use of all types of consumer fireworks. The use of bottle rockets, roman candles, firecrackers, aerial shells or mortars, multi-shot repeaters and other types of consumer fireworks is legal in Michigan.

    The Fireworks Safety Act does allow local units of government to limit days and hours of use, with some exceptions. Captain Boom gets a lot of questions about this part of the law, so here is the relevant language, taken from MCL 28.457 Section 7(2):

    (2) A local unit of government may enact an ordinance regulating the ignition, discharge, and use of consumer fireworks, including, but not limited to, an ordinance prescribing the hours of the day or night during which a person may ignite, discharge, or use consumer fireworks. If a local unit of government enacts an ordinance under this subsection, the ordinance shall not regulate the ignition, discharge, or use of consumer fireworks on the following days after 11 a.m.:

    (a) December 31 until 1 a.m. on January 1.

    (b) The Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding Memorial Day until 11:45 p.m. on each of those days.

    (c) June 29 to July 4 until 11:45 p.m. on each of those days.

    (d) July 5, if that date is a Friday or Saturday, until 11:45 p.m.

    (e) The Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding Labor Day until 11:45 p.m. on each of those days.

    (3) An ordinance under subsection (2) shall impose a civil fine of $1,000.00 for each violation of the ordinance and no other fine or sanction. The ordinance must provide for the remittance of $500.00 of the fine collected under the ordinance to the local law enforcement agency responsible for enforcing the ordinance.

    Captain Boom's interpretation of this section of the law is that consumer firework use is legal everywhere in the state at all times, unless the local unit of government has regulated fireworks use locally. Note that we are not attorneys, so any content on this page or web domain is not legal advice.

    What does this mean?

    It means you can shoot fireworks in accordance with the law any day of the year unless your local government has restricted fireworks use. Most large cities in Michigan and many other cities, villages, or townships have implemented use restrictions, which means you have to check your local ordinances to find out what the rules are.

    What dates can you shoot fireworks?

    If your local government has not restricted fireworks use, you can shoot them any day of the year. If they have restricted use, you must abide by the date and time limitations above. Captain Boom recommends that you be a considerate neighbor, and be reasonable with your times of use. It's also nice to invite the neighbors to enjoy your show with you!