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    Fireworks Permits

    Michigan Fireworks Sales Permits

    To obtain a permit to sell consumer fireworks in Michigan, please see the fireworks program page of the Michigan Bureau of Fire Services Note that this permit must be obtained prior to April 1 of each year. Captain Boom Fireworks offers wholesale fireworks pricing on case quantities of consumer fireworks to authorized fireworks retailers. Please see our wholesale fireworks page for more information.

    Michigan Fireworks Display Permits

    Fireworks display permit approval in Michigan is governed by MCL 28.466, which gives permit approval authority to the legislative body of a city, village, or township. Many times these authorities are not aware of the process for issuing a fireworks permit. Township boards often meet only once a month, so plan on at least one month to get this completed. More time for planning is better. The Michigan fireworks display permit form is provided by the Michigan State Fire Marshal to local jurisdictions. Permit approval is not provided by the state fire marshal, and copies of approved permits are not submitted to the state.

    Be aware that if you desire to have a fireworks display on or next to a navigable body of water like Lake Michigan, Federal regulations require that the US Coast Guard issue a permit, and this must be submitted at least 135 days in advance of the show. On an inland lake, a Michigan DNR permit may be needed. Michigan law requires proof of financial responsibility in the form of insurance or a bond. Our experience is that implementation of this requirement varies widely. Some townships only require a signed indemnification agreement holding the township harmless.

    Captain Boom offers a minimum 1 million dollar liability policy for a crew-fired professional show. Captain Boom is a professional fireworks display company, and will also require that standards from the National Fire Protection Association be complied with. These standards are NFPA 1123 for most outdoor displays, and NFPA 1126 for indoor or outdoor close proximity fireworks displays. There may be other NFPA standards that apply, depending on your event. If the display will make use of 1.3G Display Fireworks, then the Federal ATF permit requirements must be met. Captain Boom highly recommends that display operators take the Display Operator Certification course sanctioned by the Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc (PGI). Captain Boom is a certified trainer for the PGI, and can provide this course to interested parties. If you have further questions regarding training, insurance or the NFPA documents discussed above, please contact Captain Boom.