American Spirit Super Shells

American Spirit Super Shells

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With 24 eye catching breaks this is a top notch assortment! Each super shell assortment includes: Ti Silver Chrysanthemum, Peach Red, Silver & Red Peony, Orange Red, Colorful Peony, Silver Red Wave, Green Coconut Palm, Purple Coconut Palm, Red Green Coconut Palm, Silver Strobe Willow, Super Brocade Crown With Green Strobe, Ti Gold Coconut To Green, Ti Gold Coconut to Blue, Ti Gold Coconut To Lemon, Crackling Pearls, Brocade To Sky Blue, Red Dahlia With Strobe, Violet with Green Strobe, Colorful Peony With Crackling, Silver Crackling Coconut, Brocade to Crackling Willow, Pink Sky Blue Pearls, Brocade to Purple, Red and Green Crackling Coconut